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Chav Stabber

Chav Stabber is a one-man noise project from Glasgow, Scotland which started in 2008. Influenced by artists as diverse as Captain Beefheart to Merzbow, Dali to Stockhausen, and Mike Patton to David Lynch, Chav Stabber creates sheets of extreme noise which incorporate elements of glitch, black metal, harsh noise, psychedelia, musique concrete and drone.


Chav Stabber material is created through various methods; Extended vocal technique, circuit bent equipment, prepared guitar, Reaktor, Max/MSP, various plug-ins & DSP, found sounds, handheld power tools, wrecked materials, acquired samples, field recordings, MIDI controllers and hardware synths.


All artwork, videos and self-released downloads/cd-r's are created and released under the name N01ZFUKD. This allows me to keep track of the material I release by myself and also to do visual work for other artists while keeping it separate from Chav Stabber material. I prefer to create all of my own material from tracks to art so running N01ZFUKD as a separate entity allows me to keep this under control.

Links & Contact Details

Chav Stabber @ MySpace

Chav Stabber E-mail