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ChevallierS metamorphing from Pixels.

ChevallierS is a graphic designer and artist within/without any talent, born and rised in Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina. And former and only member of RIP_.

The guy was doing locutions, ethnic instruments and harmonics for Abismal (Progressive Punk band with five members), then harmonic, second/bass guitar and clean vocals for Cotton Fields (Country band with three members), later keyboards and extreme vocals for HIERATIKA (Black Metal band with two members) before taking care about the more people were in the band the less he can improve his own shit, so created HEREKTA, and HEREKTA become RIP_, behind the self created label: HEREKTA Records.

Now he is shouting and playing every instrumen and thing on RIP_ and believes that any instrument can be replaced with a coputer or an ordinary objet of any kind.

He spends the most of his time doing digital art for self regardness, making noise, eating, recycling trash and attending to free events.