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Circuit Bending is the creation of new instruments and noise-makers by taking apart and modifying the circuit board of toys or other electronics. It is generally agreed that Reed Ghazala was one of the first people to circuit bend.

Bending Artists

List of Circuit Benders





The Bent Festival



Artists who create and use circuit bent instruments are featured on a compilation CD entitled "Noise and Toys Volume 1," which was officially released in 2006 on We Are... Records. Many varied musical intentions are apparent in this collection, but there is an almost physical tie binding these compositions.

In 2006 a Compilation was put out by Tiger Claw Records (Madison, Wisconsin). It was titled "The Blown Circuit Comp - A Tribute to Circuit Bending". It features 12 bands from various locations around the globe. This was TIGER CLAWS first release. Tiger Claw Records released their second compilation CD in 2007 titled "DO NOT BEND", which featured 19 bands. In August of 2007 Igor Amokian and Igloo Martian released a split CD for Tiger Claw Records. There are currently three releases on Tiger Claw Records to date.

Absurdity.Biz has been making video documentation of Circuit Bending since 2003. Currently they have released three DVDs of Bent Festival 2004, 2005 and 2006. A full fledged documentary continues to be in the works. Since 2002 Absurdity.Biz has also released many free mp3 circuit bending albums.

The band Modified toy orchestra, led by Brian Duffy released their album Toygopop in 2006 on Warm Circuit Records. They use instruments exclusively created by the process of circuit bending.


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