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DANGERFIELD is Thomas Dimuzio and Larry Thrasher. Formed in 2009.

Live Shows:

4/22/2009 - KFJC - live in the pit

4/26/2009 - 5lowershop - part of the How to Destroy the Universe Pt6 festival

4/28/2009 - Fat City - SF, California


It’s Sunday o’clock, and this is the way the universe ends. In the dark confines of a warehouse living space, an imposing sound system fuzzing with a complex mulligatawny of looping samples, field recordings, and a gently collaborative electric guitar courtesy of noise giants Thomas Dimuzio and Larry Thrasher. Hushed conversation in the background, and the crackle of a wood stove, a makeshift floor light made from Office Depot rejects blinks on and off intermittently, illuminating a great tangle of cords and concrete. Pummeling waves of sound ebb and flow. The heat of the stove threatens to lull. My toes tingle. In this hidden pocket, if the Four Horsemen came knocking, would any of us notice? This is it, friends. This is the way the world ends. With neither a bang, nor a whimper, but a drone. By Nicole Gluckstern http://www.sfbg.com/blogs/music/2009/04/how_to_destroy_your_eardrums_p.html