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New Year's Noise show at Super Happy Fun Land on December 31, 2003 / January 1, 2004. At the time, SHFL was located in a house, and Robo was doing this unannounced and unsanctioned performance on the lawn by the front door. You pretty much had to walk by him to enter or exit. It was a really large party atmosphere, with many people drifiting in and out, including a number of homophobic types, mainly jocks and wiggers. Robo was baiting any male who walked by and a number of these morons did beat him up then got even more repulsed when he was acting like it was getting him off. He also got beat up by other assholes who just wanted to beat someone up for fun. All in all, it was another brilliant Dealy Orifice performance, demonstrating the edge that mental illness gives an artist.


Sings The Blues (7", Ltd) RRRecords
Necesito Para Comer (Cass, Ltd, C90) Cipher Productions 2002
Split (2xCass, Ltd, C20) Dada Drumming 2003
Appears On:
Jimmy, You'll Always Be OK (Cass, Ltd, C08) Dada Drumming 2003
Deadly Innards (CDr, Ltd) Iatrogenesis Records 2004
Tracks Appear On:
An End To Masterpieces (2xCass, Ltd) I'm Gay Pt. 2 Primate Electronics 2004