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Dead Meat was a Noisegrind band from Adelaide, South Australia.


Formed in late 2004 by Johnny Bell (vocals/guitar) and Maciej Furmanic (drums). After a quick recording in Johnny's bedroom onto an mp3 player that was noted for its shit quality and structureless songs, Dead Meat found their place in the grindcore underground by making pure noise like that of Anal Cunt and Sore Throat. Nothing much happened for a while, but with the addition of new guitarist Shaun Adams the band played their first show in March 2006 at a school fund raiser, consisting of 20 minutes of improvised guitar feedback, open-string strumming, blast beats, and uninteligable screams and growls. The show was recorded and used as a demo/promo recording. The band disbanded some time later.


  • Dead Demo (first demo, 2005)
  • Dead Live (live recording, 2006)

Related Bands

  • Gutfuck (Johnny's side band, disbanded)
  • Crodomy (Maciej's side band, disbanded)