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DJ Embryonic Petit Sac was initially a stage character in the play Amphibious Jamboree that premiered in the San Diego Theatre underground in 2003. However later in 2003 DJ Embryonic Petit Sac begin performing in fringe festivals in the LA and San Diego theatre seen followed by a street mix of sound collages made entirely of samples from cult movies and 8-bit nintendo games. DJ Embryonic Petit Sac performed sporadically the next few years still primarily using samples and thespians to create performance art. In 2009 DJ Embryonic Petit Sac partnered up with the noise core duo Chum Out and released a 7" split and began performing live more consistently in California and began adopting other nicknames: Deejay Embryonicpetitsac, Petit Sac, or sometimes just Sac. Sac then started gravitating away from samples and into midi-NES samples mixed with vocals/screaming. Sac's consistent set up tended to be that of a DJ mixer and 1 to 3 Korg Kaoss pads (first generation) but would also use a myriad of different sound sources beyond voice such as midi-NES, atari synth carts, field recordings and samples. Since 2009 Sac has released numerous splits tapes, 7", 10" and lathe cut albums.[[category:California]