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Death Industrial is a development of Noise and Industrial music characterized by the creation of densely dark atmospheres with noise-infused textures and production techniques rooted in Power Electronics. The genre emerged from the late 1980s power electronics scene through pioneering experiments by acts Ramleh, Genocide Organ and Mz.412, whose production styles incorporated elements of Dark Ambient by exchanging the abrasive attributes of power electronics for more atmosphere-orientated production; this effect is achieved with low pitched Drones and distorted synth loops, as well as a subdued pace. As in power electronics, vocals are sometimes used in form of harsh, shouted or spoken performances rather than sung.

Notable death industrial acts such as Prurient and Pharmakon rose to general acclaim during the 2000s era. Since the 2010s, death industrial became a source of inspiration for independent artists like Trepaneringsritualen, Puce Mary and Lingua Ignota who began bringing further elements of Post-Industrial aesthetics and production techniques to death industrial's harsh sonic textures. This has led to a major pool of influences from contemporary artists who began fusing traits of the genre with other styles, most closely with Darkwave, Power Noise and Minimal Synth. The Grey Wolves are often credited for pioneering the style, but the term was first used to describe artists such as Brighter Death Now.

Also known as Dark Noise.


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