Disgrace the corpse of Seth

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Disgrace the corpse of Seth cover

Disgrace the corpse of Seth is twelfth full-lenght album of Russian noise/noisecore band Chuck Schuldiner Is Gay. Released by Popsakal Records in 2011.

Track list

01. Я чуть не обосцался от радости, когда узнал, что Сет Патнем сдох
02. Barbara Ann Donohue is a dirty, rotten, syphilitic whore, as her fucking son
03. Восставший из могилы Чак Шульдинер дрочит в гроб Сета Патнема
04. All the bands and side projects of Seth Putnam sucked dick of dead elephant
05. Anal Cunt is gay (Deche-Charge cover)
06. Seth is gay (Fetus Eaters cover)