Distorted Souls Within A Corrupt Vision

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Harsh Noise Wall from the north east UK

Owner Of Tera-AntiQu - Limited edition HNW label

Started as a drone project around 2012. After 1 physical release the project became focused on HNW.

Project themes started off very much based upon the typical school of nihilism/void worship/nothingness and artwork aesthetics centered around black and white imagery. Sometimes mixing ritualistic drone and doom soundscapes within the walls.

In 2015 the general aesthetics and themes had evolved from the nihilistic roots of the project. Themes of album and track titles became more than the worship of nothingness. Focusing more upon the natural world, flowers and foliage. Releases started to include colour artwork.


[Please note: work featured on compilations not included, digital releases which have later been made into physical release are listed as the physical release to avoid duplicates]


We Only Are What The Situation Requires Of Us split w/ to the lovers farewell [CDr]


4 Way Split w/ Meinkinder, Nundata & Social Drift [CDr]

-Abyss- [Digital]

-Dark Void- [Digital]

-The Chasm- [Digital]

-Dissonance- [Digital]

Nihil i,ii & iii [Digital]

Inverted Light Split /w Foul Storage [Digital]

MORT Split w/ Self-defeating Soundwaves [Digital]

Values In Blood [Digital]

Conjunction In The Etherical Twilight [Digital]

Split w/ Sleep Column [Digital]


The Tunguska Event [Cassette]

Maelstrom - Laments I-IV [Digital]

From Agartha [Digital]

Idle [Digital]

Scorn [Digital]

Sacrament Void [Digital]

Atra Mors Split w/ A Raja's Mesh Men [Digital]

Split w/ Asleep in the Lake [CDr]

Gaze Upon Suól [CDr]

The Genie That Haunts The Moonbeams Spake To The Daemon Of The Valley [Digital]


Split w/ The Ebony Tower [CDr]

Mass Breach Into Null Split w/ Antisocial Block [Cassette]

Split w/ Willowbrook [Cassette]

Blue Velvet [CDr]

Knowing Loss [CDr]

Split w/ Wallmaster [Cassette]

3 Way Split w/ Shifgrethor & Wallmaster [CDr]

Split w/ Lirtsdov [Digital]

Chrysanthemum [Digital]

La Jeune Martyre [CDr]

Somniferum [Digital]

The Trellis [Digital]

Obsolescence [CDr]

Cataclysm Preceding The Interminable Wrath Of Kali [Digital]

Crustacean [Digital]

Split w/ N0123NOISE [Digital]

Venus In Furs [Cassette]