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Doki Doki (LKW107) (Geitenmelk)

(Ruben Snellaars) His work can be defined as long harsh noise trax. The improvised way of working result in layers of differend sound textures. Going from deep hypnotising drones to what he calles the iiiiiiii sound, verry hars high tones wish can be annoying as well as enjoyeble.

His first records ar mostly 100 % digital. created by running feedback loops in sound sofware.

his later work is more analog orientataed working with guitar efects and manipulated materials like his suirgiut bended clock.

He released on some netlabels: Completely Gone Recordings, Non-Quality Audio and Takkeherrie Recordings

And made some thrilling improvisational guitar experiments using the name LKW107 Plus guitar drone noise by the name Geitenmelk

He is also a member of the improv-noise band R.R.