Dr. Failure's Interesting Experiments

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Official Flyer for "Dr. Failure's Interesting Experiments", 2016


Dr. Failure's first solo show was not noise, but rather a show for his debut release Interesting Experiments (hence the name). Despite not being a noise show, there were some aspects of the show that were noise-ish, or pulled from the Noise Culture, i.e. in his cover "Stuck in Here" by Filter, he used the effects in GarageBand to make a harsh noise outro, and we can't forget John Cage's 4'33".


Setlist Dr. Failure Dec 10 2016.png

9 of 20 tracks are from Interesting Experiments
6 of 20 tracks are Poems
5 of 20 tracks are Covers
The 1 remaining track is Something Else


No footage is available from this show.