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durik the temptressis a harsh noise (sometimes dark ambient and just plain experimental) project from madison, wisconsin.

It all began when Matt "10564" Rodriguez got a microcassette recorder to "record teachers at school" so he could get better grades. Well, 10564 is a strange fellow, so when he got the recorder he decided to just make odd sounds of all sorts while recording it. Soon enough his friends began helping him in his noise sessions by acting the same way (and sometimes even weirder), using anything that made sound in their recordings. These recordings were initially released under the project name jackson's butthole (the name was made to make fun of a guy from school named jackson).

10564 soon bought the cord needed to upload this audio into the mess known as the internet. After not recording with his friends for a long time, jackson's butthole was considered dead. 10564 decided to make a new harsh nosie project that was his and his alone. At the time he always screamed "durik" randomly. He also thought the word "temptress" sounded cool. This in mind, durik the temptress was born. The recordings 10564 made with his friends were soon released as durik albums. Since then, 10564 has gained much more in terms of hardware and software. He now has a gigantic amp, an mp3 recorder, multiple music programs, numberous other homemade noise-making objects, and the ability to circuit bend. Some examples of recordings are recordings of school days, screaming, random youtube videos, dogs barking, drum beats, and so much more (all distorted beyond recognition, of course). To this day 10564 still makes more and more recordings. He plays live shows for those willing to listen.

All his recordings (and more) are available for free download at his net-label grandpa spaceship.

Presently, he puts concerts together with other local experimental musicians.