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Eat Me images early 1981

Eat Me was a DIY noise band from around December 1980 until early 1983. Loosely centered around the Northeastern Philadelphia PA suburbs. They often employed home made instruments and non-instruments into their sound. The most important thing for Eat Me was that members of the band had no prior experience with any instrument but recorded a vast collection of cassette tapes of original "songs" which have only been released privately. Eat me was founded by Bob Lennon & Pat Ward. Although a good amount of the recordings were done by these two, they were often joined by Mark Petrocik and Gary Hendricks (and occasionally others). Since band members were unaccustomed to performing music, the instruments played by each changed randomly on each "song". Usually recorded in various bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, garages and even in moving vehicles.

The recordings range from noise collages to something like noise-pop-punk for want of a better description.

samples of Eat Me music:

after Eat Me

Early in 1983 three members of Eat Me went on to form a trash-rock group called Sub-Primitive which lasted in various forms until 1986. In 2004 Bob Lennon and another early Eat Me contributor re-formed a new Sub-Primitive which also nose dived two years later. Bob has been working on a solo music project since 2008 called the Bob Lennon Experience. Samples can be found here:

In 2007 Bob also founded Friendly Pirate Production which produces underground/experimental shorts and movies.

As information on other former band members turns up this page will be updated.