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Ego Death is an experimental, noise, industrial, drone one-man-project from Athens, Greece, since 2004.
Ego Death is Manos Michaelides.
The sounds are created with the use of instruments and/or software facilities in various combinations.
Manos has performed since 1996 in bands/projects as This Is Now / Death TV, DTV2, DTV3, Ocean Distortion 21, The Sunnyboys, Fuku, while he has collaborated with artists like Costis Drygiannakis, Melophobia (in the Megophobia project) and several others. Ego Death have performed live twice.
The first live show was held in 2005, in Athens, Greece, with Viridian Grin (project of Glaufx Garland), Richter 9 and several other artists. For this show Manos was accompanied with an alto sax/tenor sax and clarinet player to improvise part of the ego death "Motel Report" album.
The second live show was held in 2008, in Athens, Greece, to celebrate the release of the Ego Death/Nova Sak 7" split. The line up was Nova Sak, Ego Death and Unit Auf. In this show ego death was accompanied with a metallophone player. Ego Death and Nova Sak presented also an exclusive collaborative track at the end of the show.
At the discogs link you can find partial ego death discography.

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