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Ekalmoorg is a mysterious experimental noise act speculated to be currently active in an unknown area between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD. The identity of the member(s) remains unknown often referring himself as "ekaalm" or "e". There have been no documented performances of Ekalmoorg since its creation sometime between 2001 to 2006, so any actual band member(s) have not been seen. . There are barely any actual pictures of Ekalmoorg besides a very distorted picture found on the inside of an unmarked release. Resembling some sort of humanoid/alien-like being.

Each release tends to be very loud with a ruthless amount of low frequency and overwhelming distorted bass tones. Another common trait of Ekalmoorg is the use of science fiction, UFO, conspiracy and alien related themes and samples. Most samples involving interviews or random 911 calls reporting UFOs. There is absolutely no structure to any release. Most of these recordings are usually one track only varying in length.

Ekalmoorg has many quirks involving release dates and the length of each song. The time-frame of releasing usually involves the #1 in some way. For example, January 1st (1/1) or November 11 (11/11), etc. Heavy amounts of cryptic writing and symbols are often used as well.

As of early November 2012, many people started receiving a mysterious package from Washington, D.C. However, the return address on this package had no name, and is the exact address to the National Air and Space Museum in D.C. Most likely referring to this project's "theme". This package included tin foil-covered DVD-style packaging with a blank white CD-R containing a 30 minute track on it. The outside art of this DVD is covered in symbols with the word "Yks" being shown. Another common trait of Ekalmoorg is the use of reversed words and strange languages. On the inside, a very distorted image of an alien-like being with a seemingly angry and cryptic note. In which each letter "E" was capitalized. This mysterious DVD is almost unreadable except for the Ekalmoorg logo. Which shows a figure standing upon a circle. There have been conflicting theories involving this logo. Some have said it shows a figure standing on a circle. Or that it depicts "e" himself standing upon the world. It has also been stated that when you turn this logo sideways it shows the letter "E". Whether or not this was on purpose remains unknown.