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Enbilulugugal - Apokalyptic black noise band from USA formed in June of 2000 by two scumbags known as Izedis (Vocals, Bass) and Nebiru [R.I.P.] (Guitar). They soon set out to destroy ears, minds and speakers with their insane vision of Frostfucked Black Metal Goatsodomy. After about a million demos, Nebiru left the band and TheCoprophiliac (also of Necrobestiality) replaced him. Another million demos later and one Full-Length, TheCoprophiliac decided to fukk off and Alcoholonomicon from Blood Cult and Tjolgtjar forced his way into the band to vomit out shithot guitar licks. After that, the booze and drugs kicked in and not much is known.

Enbilulugugal logo


"Noizemongers for GoatSerpent" Full-length, 2004
"The Day After" Full-length, 2013
"The End Is Extremely Fucking Nigh" Full-length, 2014
"PRAISE THE FUKKEN LARD!!!!" Full-length, 2015
"LOS BLACK NOISE MARIACHI'S" Full-length, 2016

"Satanic Killing of Christ in the Pagan Forest on Fullmoon Night" Demo, 2000
"GOATSODOMY" Demo, 2000
"Blasfemia Occidental de Samoan" Demo, 2001
"NunTwat Armageddon" Demo, 2001
"Filthy Satanic Pork" Demo, 2001
"YOU WILL BE GLUTTONED!!!!" Demo, 2002
"Cultivating Goat Vomit" Demo, 2002
"Devil's Harvest" Demo, 2002
"Baphofucked Promo Demo '03" Demo, 2003
"SaGoatan RehearsHellz" Demo, 2011
"Baphofucked Promo Demo '11" Demo, 2011
"tnepreStaoG" Demo, 2011
"Live in Western Samoa- 09-26-02" Demo, 2011
"taoGtnepreS" Demo, 2011
"Bloodbath in Darkness" Single, 2011
"Rock 'n Roll or Fuck Off!!" Single, 2013
"The TAURO Sessions '09" Demo, 2013
"Live @ House Between Two Churches 03/11/2014" Demo, 2014
"Fukken Fat As Fukkin Fukk" Demo, 2015
"Lardmongers for Curlyton" Demo, 2016
"Satanism's for Pussy's" Single, 2016
"Why Don't You Fukk Off?" Demo, 2016
"Hippy Helloween" Single, 2016
"LORD OF THE LARD" Demo, 2017
"SaGoatan Fingerbanger 333" Demo, 2017
"03-19-2017" Demo, 2017
"Offerings to Curlyton" EP, 2017
"Kardiak Attakk" EP, 2017
"Not A Black Metal Band" EP, 2018

"Satan's Poop" Split with Necrobestiality, 2001
"Enbilulugugal / Lobster Assault" Split, 2002
"Memento Mori" Split with HellVomit, 2002
"Satanic Terrorism" Split with Fecel-Cide, 2003
"Blood Cult vs. Enbilulugugal" Split, 2009
"Skeld / Static Goat / Enbilulugugal" Split, 2011
"Prelude to The Apokalypse" Split with Gromkult, 2011
"Enbilulugugal / Darkosis" Split, 2012
"Agamenon Project / Enbilulugugal" Split, 2012
"Rites ov The Blakk Goat ov The Woods..." Split with Gnashing of Teeth, 2012
"An Unholy Warunion of HellGoats" 4-way Split, 2013
"Charred Goat Remains" Split with Static Goat, 2013
"Earthenwomb / Enbilulugugal / Graveterre / Venowl" Split, 2014
"Nuclear NunTwat" Split with Chernobog, 2015
"Black Noise Madness" Split with Kindstod, 2016
"Enbilulugugal / PKWST" Split, 2016
"LOS POONERS MARIACHI'S" Split with Static Goat, 2017
"Enbilulugugal / SLOTH / Torn From The Roots" Split, 2017
"33 TRAXXX OF FUCK YOU" 4-way Split, 2017
"Pure Fucking Noise!" Split with Vaginal Anal, 2017
"Enbilulugugal / Tomhet" Split, 2017

"Demos I & II" Comp, 2001
"GoatStorm Blitzkrieg + The Splits" Comp, 2006
"Goatfucked Demology: The Years of HellNoize" Comp, 2007
"Black Noise Armageddon: Denying 9 Years of Existence" Comp, 2010
"Above the Sea of Skkulls" Comp, 2011
"Frostfucked SaGoatan Blasphemies" Comp, 2012
"Noizemongers for GoatSerpent (Deluxe Edition)" Comp, 2013
"Black Noise Armageddon: Denying 13 Years of Existence" Comp, 2014
"Lard Curlyton'z Greazy Chikken Fried Leftoverz" Comp, 2015
"Frostfucked Black Metal Goatsodomy" Comp, 2015
"Cultivating the Devil Goat Vomit Harvest" Comp, 2015
"Another Fucking Pointless Enbilulugugal Compilation" Comp, 2015
"FUKK THIS WORLD" Comp, 2016
"Let Us In" Comp, 2017
"Offerings to GoatSerpent" Comp, 2018

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