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Eon is the solo noise project of Thomas Jacquot. Mostly noise ambient, but also HNW, experimental, ambient soundscapes…

Eon was started in the end of 2012, inspired by spiritual dimensions and animist trance.

In imitation of nature elements, his music try to put unconsciously the listener in remembrance of his first home, nature. Storm, wind in tree leaves, summer rain was the original soundtrack of our lives. The noise ambient, harshnoise atmospheres recreate these decor, the ethereal ambient drones represents the run of mind in state of meditation and the long tracks, often more than 25 min, make the condition of the contemplation. This music is like a sorcery cooking who help you to (re)become the primal mammal or an antic inspired shaman.

Most of the tracks are improvisations with full of diy instruments, field recordings and effects, but eon also create compositions called “weirdscapes”, that are like dreams, or nightmares, with an evolution of oniric state of mind. He tell about it they’re “an achronic trip drowned in oniric weird trance”. His music can be harsh and obscure, but always connected to the inner emotion. Modern society is mother of global mental illness, psychosis and depression. Let the snake of catharsis make his medecine…

All his music is available on bandcamp http://eonexp.bandcamp.com

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