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Final Outpost is a Noise/Ambient/Experimental Label based out of WA State


Final Outpost primarily serves as an independent recording and distribution label based primarily in Washington State. The label adhere to a strong ethic of signing artists along the darker spectrum of contemporary music, including dark ambient, metal, harsh noise, and anything else along those lines.

Artists Currently on Label

Veeskre (Harsh Noise)
Moonrise of Dead Masses (Ambient/experimental)
Alien Ritual (Sci-Fi Themed noise)


Current Releases:

Moonrise of Dead Masses: Beginnings Beneath
Moonrise of Dead Masses: Isolation in The Interim
Moonrise of Dead Masses: Rebirth Revisited (Motions Through Air)
Veeskre: The Cycle of Life is a Fiberglass Noose
Alien Ritual: Ancient Tongues and Epochs Gone By
Moonrise/Veeskre Split

Future Releases:

Veeskre: You're Already Dead Moonrise of Dead Masses: House of Ambridge