Female Harakiri

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HNW from Japan. From the Glorious Death insert:

  • Female Harakiri is Saigo Isao of Hakodate, Hokkaido. He creates dense harsh walls inspired by ritualistic suicide of the female. Also the concept of harakiri and seppuku itself is inspiration. The purity of honourable death is captured in the image of purity of sound.


  • 御船千鶴子の死 (CDr, 2008)
  • Emptyhanded I Entered the World Barefoot I Leave It (CDr, 2009)
  • Glorious Death (CDr, 2009) (No Hotel Record)
  • Thank You Everyone. Thank You God. Tomorrow I Will Be Better. (C40, 2010) (Absence Tapes)
  • Dread (C20, 2010) (Hoarse Records)