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Gainmas is/was an Experimental Noise/Drone/Ambient/Etc. project from central Florida.

Gainmas started off as a stoner/sludge/doom metal band in September 2006 by Dylan Houser, recruiting Michael Prince III on drums shortly after. The name Gainmas came from the online handle of a Chinese woman who would film herself crushing animals' heads while wearing stiletto high-heels. This incarnation (MACH 1) would go on to play two live shows, both attended by very few people, and record a 30 minute long rehearsal demo, then went on a hiatus in March of 2007 before fizzling out a year later. After two years of figuring out what direction to go in, Gainmas was properly revived during the spring of 2010 as a solo noise project for Dylan, inspired by his random photoshop pictures he made back when the original line-up was active, as well as various industrial/noise/black metal/drone/post-punk/ambient bands/projects. Dylan would also go on to create the noisecore/tardcore/shit band Hell Garbage.


DEMO 2006

TEROMORET (C25 cassette)

SUNCHIP (mini CDr; limited to 10 copies)

TERRAPIN STATION EP (C10 cassette; limited to 10 copies)




NUL (C120 cassette)

GAINMAS/FRANK GOSHIT split (C90 cassette; limited to 16 copies)

CREIMEADH (Bandcamp only, for now)

EASTER (C90 cassette)

ASF/GAINMAS split (C110 cassette; limited to 20 copies)




HEILIAT (recycled cassette; limited to 15 copies)

TJERE/GAINMAS split (CDr; limited to 30 copies)