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Noisecore/Shit project done by Frank Goshit during the mid 90's. Gonoise was Frank's early nickname before sticking to Goshit. Was similar in style to MORBID SHIT and DECHE CHARGE. The difference was that there was no guitar or bass, only a drum machine and vocals. Lots and lots of very short & hatefilled trax with dedications and spoken words.

Gonoise - 'cover of Deche-Charge demo #1' demo 1994
Gonoise - demo #1 'just noise' 1994
Gonoise - demo #2 1994
Gonoise - demo #3 1994
Gonoise - demo #4 1994
Gonoise/ERIK DISORDER - split tape 1994
Gonoise/U.R.S.E. - split tape
Gonoise/DAN-CHARGE - split tape 1995
Gonoise - fake live but true fucking noisecore demo 1996
Bullshit/Gonoise/Jeff's Project/Refrigerator - 'Nice Shit Noize For Nice Dumb People' 4 way tape

Click here to download some old Gonoise demos.