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Grinder Mafia is a one man project by DJ MERDA (a.k.a. THE FUHRER OF NOISE a.k.a JACK OFF a.k.a. BRANDY) started in early 2002. Some members helped the founder during the years just playing the instruments as a physical support but there are just rare episodes of it. Mainly Grinder Mafia's discography is composed by one mand band releases. The concept of the band is a nazi pornographic splatter shit total nihilistic view.

The controversial concept behind G.M. gave to this band a huge infamous reputation, reciving a lot of hate and made people mad at G.M. through the years. And thats exactely what G.M. is all about.

  1. demo tape "Terror demo 2002" (Noise Holocaust - 2002)
  2. CDr "Kill the Fags" (Grind Block Records - 2003)
  3. single song "McGuyver doesnt need cunts cause he's a superior man" (2004)
  4. single song "Te traigo el mmmm... National Porno Gore Socialist Splatter Mafia Remix" (2004)
  5. single song "Breathe the Horror Gore Necro Remix" (2004)
  6. split CDr w/BUNKO KANAZAWA (Grind Block Records / Mortesecca Porductions - 2004)
  7. demo CDr "69 Songs About Fecal and Pissing" (Grind Block Records - 2004)
  8. split CDr w/SS GESTAPO VAGINA (Grind Block Records - 2005)
  9. split CDr w/883 (Grind Block Records - 2005)
  10. split CDr w/FECALOVE (Grind Block Records - 2005)
  11. split CDr w/EKUNHAASJAASTAACK (Grind Block Records - 2005)
  12. split CDr w/FISTFUCKING ARMAGEDDON (Grind Block Records - 2006)
  13. split CDr w/ANALLY ABORTED FETUS/BRUTAL NEKKRO SEX (Mortesecca Productions - 2006)

upcoming releases:

  1. split with PENIS ENLARGEMENT tape (Sonic Arse Tapes)
  2. CD "The First Reich" discography part 1 (Mortesecca Productions)
  3. V/A "Mobsters of Noise" 7" (Sonic Arse Tapes)