God Generator

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Duo of Greg Nelson (A.K.A. 'Tell Of Visions') & Doug Germany playing the strangest & most psychedelic guitar sounds they can make. It was a natural extension of their playing together in the free-noise-rock-jazz band "The 5th Plateau". Ranging from ambient noise to chaotic harsh noise, their main focus is on experimentation & searching for new sounds. All of the works are completely improvisational. The vast creative range of sounds they conjure up with their expert effect pedal manipulations can be both meditative & overwhelming at times. There are only a relative handful of other experimental guitarists that could hope to duplicate some of these noises (perhaps Fred Frith, Nels Cline, Agata, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Buckethead among a few others). They provide all their albums for free download on archive.org & last.fm