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Grodock is an experimental Industrial and Dark Ambient Project from Germany (Freiburg)

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Album releases:

Grodock - CD1 (Crach Records) 2011

Grodock / Felix Mayer – Das Ver/Wesen (Crach Records) 2012

Grodock - Live : CD1 (Affront Digital) 2012

Grodock – CD2 : Verwerfungen (Obfuscated Records)2013

(Grodock as a member of Sohne)Sohne – Raum:Spiele (Affront Digital) 2013

Grodock/Screenbeast - Auseinandesetzungen (Crach Records), 2013

Grodock/Felix Mayer - Two Live Performances (Crach Records) 2013 and

Affront Digital Crach Records Obfuscated Records