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Gynecomastia was a very short lived side-project of the band Gofuckyourself, based in Toronto, Ontario. They existed for 3 days during November 2006, recording a demo (split w/ Gofuckyourself), a live demo and some compilation tracks.

Split tape with Gofuckyourself (2007, Decapitated Cops Records)
Split CDr with F.A.B. + Gofuckyourself (2007, Decapitated Cops Records)
'Demo #1' Tape (2008, Decapitated Cops Records)

'12 Noisecore Bands For Your Birthday' Tape (2007 Underground Pollution)
'RONF Net Comp. 2.0' MP3 (2007, RONF Records)
'RONF Net Comp. 4.2' MP3 (2008, RONF Records)
'100 Bands 7" Comp' 7" (2010, NHDIYSTREC)