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HATESOUND is a harsh noise/electronic mess project by gainsborough based audio/visual artist Arron Cobbett

his equipment consists of trashed toys, circuit bent to death and chains of guitar pedals, feedback is used as his main instrument, usally running a cable from the aduio output of his mixer, into a pedal and then back into the mixer, creating a never ending tone of static noise

arron provides his own artwork and visuals for his work and likes to have movement in his performance and trys to limit himself from hiding behind his pc and equipment by jumping and thrasing about and screaming into a mic


. Hatesound Demo CDr

. Hatesound - 1 CDr

. The Sound Of Rape - [1]

. Lifes a fucking bitch - CD

. Blood and Sperm - CDr limited to 30

. Chav Stabber/Hatesound split - [2]

"Coming Soon"

. Pig molester / Hatesound - split

. Cock Bird