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Electronics that are fucking terrifying!


It all started circa 1998 when an unsuspecting customer bought what he thought was a SONY VCR from a shady electronics store downtown. Upon closer inspection at home, it turned out it was a "SONNY" VCR, a cheap chinese knock-off. This would be the beginning of an real nightmare of electronics, as after futile attempts to make the VCR to work, the shop from which it had been bought from mysteriously disappeared. Next chapter of this nightmare was a fruit-blender bought after watching an ad on the home-shopping network which needless to say broke after 15 minutes. This continued for a few years util Chipper Mc Philips (the unlucky customer) finally broke down an paid cash upfront for a real, quality-made American tape-recorder and recorded his first demo -"Horror Electronics". On this tape he ranted about everything he'd been through. Side B actually contains a real-life recording of 25 minutes of sobbing due to a poor quality cellphone bought off ebay.

Later developments

In 2008, about 4 years after the demo's release, some guy found a copy of the tape at a flea market and ended up making his own recordings. Pretty soon he influenced more of his friends to record themselves complaining and sobbing over chinese knockoffs and other malfunctioning junk. This fad lasted about a year or two and was known as "Horror Electronics". Perhaps one of the most memorable moments of this style would be the intro to "Killer Price" from 2010, in which a voice reads from the box of a bootleg DVD player : "Fujitsumu ?? You gotta be shitting me". After 2010 noise pretty much died off, as everyone was too busy chatting on facebook. This marked the end of Horror Electronics as well.