Industrial Hydrophobia

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Industrial Hydrophobia is an experimental/noise artist that emerged from Auckland, New Zealand in early October of 2015.

With 16 stand-alone releases, I.H mixes quite a few different genres, Digital and Analog Noise, HNW, Improvisation, Grindcore, Ambient, Field Recordings, EAI, Noise Rock and more. Most of I.H's releases are done individually, but there have been some releases, particularly the Improvised Noise Rock Jam sessions, that had the participation of other musicians.

Industrial Hydrophobia has used all of the following tools/materials/items in releases (Incomplete):

Laptop (Digital noise, sampling, editing), Guitars (Ordinary electrics, basses, acoustics), Mandolins, Ukuleles, Amplifiers, Effect Pedals, Plastic & Glass Bottles, Drumsticks, Vocals, Books, WD-40 Cans, Keyboards, Cardboard, Phone Microphone, Guitar Hero Microphone, Professional Microphone, Wood, Cloth.

A recent split c30 done with Strangler Fig [[1]]

Email: Bandcamp: [[2]] Soundcloud: [[3]]