Insecticide Lobotomy

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What is an Insecticide Lobotomy anyway?

An Explanation

Insecticide Lobotomy is an abrasive electronics / harsh noise experiment solely run by Josh Sherman. Insecticide Lobotomy first started experimenting with pedal noise and no-input mixer techniques in mid-2007 after being turned on to the anti-genre by K.Paul Boyev (a/k/a Otolathe) after many years of playing bass in local bands.

Sonically inspired by the likes of XOME and Pedestrian Deposit, Insecticide Lobotomy strives to present a dense wall of sound with intricate layering to any onlookers willing to open their mind.

Presently based in Tampa, Florida, Insecticide Lobotomy is very active in the 813NOISE scene and currently runs two netlabels (Meatronic and Very Nice Noise). Insecticide Lobotomy has performed live over a dozen times, and has just shy of 10 releases on various netlabels.

Insecticide Lobotomy is very open to talking about gear and recording techniques so feel free to get in touch.

Current Intentions

Insecticide Lobotomy's current intention is to present an even louder experience than previous outings with the addition of a new 300 watt loud speaker and focus on more frequent recording sessions and exploring more complex layering techniques.

On the WWW

Official Insecticide Lobotomy Website
Insecticide Lobotomy's MySpace