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Started in January 2013 in Methuen, MA.

THE DOG SERIES IznelavKcin released a series named "The Dog Series" in 2013, which were the first acts released by IznelavKcin. These releases were all noise tracks comprised in a matter of hours and each release had a dog on the album's cover. During this time, IznelavKcin was extremely productive, releasing a record every week in The Dog Series. The last release in The Dog Series was put out in 2015, 2 years after The Dog Series started and ended. During the break in The Dog Series, came many releases. IznelavKcin released 2 split records with fellow noise artist Hellraiser (地狱学步车), whom is no longer active. This period in IznelavKcin can also be referenced as the Spettro Era.

THE SPETTRO ERA Following The Dog Series, IznelavKcin started working with label Spettro Records out of Italy. With Spettro, he released "The Plan" and "Death and Destruction". "The Plan" was recorded with a ukulele and one mic. Most IznelavKcin releases were recorded through one mic and manipulated later in production. Compared to other releases, The Plan is extremely soft and more mellow. The release is supposed to show "Loneliness" and "A feeling of being alone". "Death and Destruction", the 2nd release by IznelavKcin through Spettro was the most chaotic to date for the artist. The record was recorded with a guitar, overdrive pedal, and fuzz pedal. There are also instances of a bass guitar and drums on the record. However, most of the record is straight-up guitar and feedback. The cover for the record was a rip of Discharge's "Fight Back" EP. The third and final release on Spettro was a split with Spettro's own IV Noise. This record was the 3rd split done by IznelavKcin.

THE ACID ERA After the split with IV Noise came the longest-yet and most experimental era of IznelavKcin, The Acid Era. The Acid Era produced the most popular IznelavKcin releases, from "Digital Data" to "A minister On Acid", the record that gave IznelavKcin the nickname; The Minister On Acid. The Acid Era began with "A Minister On Acid", a 53-track album that took almost 2 1/2 months to complete. The record is the most storied record of any release by IznelavKcin. The record began recording in February 2016 during an acid doing at the artist's home in New Hampshire. The record's idea came from the love of LSD and the fact that IznelavKcin, a person known to be extremely against religious beliefs, is indeed an ordained minister. IznelavKcin says that he is ordained because "it's like a kick in the face to all those that believe. I can have strong feelings of disbelief towards their system, yet I'm still allowed to be of higher regard in their world". The record was recorded through a 6 week acid-bender by the artist. Friends of IznelavKcin are featured on the record, like on tracks involving saxophone (played by professional wrestler Duke Wydler) and appearences by Hellraiser, whom released splits with early IznelavKcin, appeared on tracks under his real name, "Matt". "Digital Data: Untraceable Homicide", a record influenced by New York industrial punks L.O.T.I.O.N., is the next release in The Acid Era. The record was written in one night after an acid taking and extensive listening to L.O.T.I.O.N.. The record was written first by planning the guitar parts. Then, for the first time on a release, the use of basslines and clicks were brought in. Though the record was written on a guitar with guitar parts planned, the guitar sections on the release were actually played by banging on a bass guitar with 2 strings, laid out on the floor. The percussion sections were played by smashing wood onto steel and also hitting the bass guitar. By the end of the recording, the bass guitar was completely destroyed and the strings were barely hanging onto the guitar. After that record came "No More Peace", a record praised highly by the artist. "No More Peace" is a record made up of mostly noise and d-beat tracks in the vein of bands like Disclose and Discharge. It is a record that has outtakes from "Death and Destruction" and tracks left behind from earlier releases.

THE NOISE ERA The current era of IznelavKcin is simply acknowledged as The Noise Era. The Noise Era has produced a few records so far. Most recently, "Strategic Bombings". IznelavKcin is currently working on new material to be released. He is planning new splits and also gearing up to do his first live performance. "I'll keep going until I feel like stopping. It's noise for me by me. Others just choose to like it as well."


Nick Valenzi - IznelavKcin (noise, guitar, vocals, bass, drums, acid)


Audacity program Fender guitars Washburn bass guitars Dell computers USB microphones


Releases are put in order from most recent to earliest.

THE NOISE ERA - Strategic Bombings

- Silent Operation

- Representation Of Satan

- The Best Of 2013 - 2016

THE ACID ERA - Too Much To Kill

- No More Peace

- Digital Data - Untraceable Homicide

- A Minister On Acid

THE SPETTRO ERA - Destroy The Bomb

- Dawn of the Humans LP

- IV Noise / IznelavKcin

- IV Noise, IznelavKcin

- A World Alone (2-Track EP)

- S/T IX

- My Suicide

- The Eye of Evil

- Yet Another Installment of Noise

- The Great Noise War

- Death and Destruction

- Contrast

- Trash Tracks Vol. 1

- The Plan

In Between Dog Series and Spettro Era - DEFCON LP

- Eye For An Eye

- Blazegood

- 地狱学步车 / Iznelavkcin Split 2

- 地狱学步车 / IznelavKcin

- Visions Of War LP

- Fuck The System E.P.

- The Death Of...

- The Guiding Light

- ems (single)

- 地狱学步车 / IznelavKcin



- S/T VI

- S/T IV

- S/T V


- S/T II

- S/T


Iznelavkcin@gmail.com Bandcamp