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Jeffrey Scott Holland is an artist, writer, and musician from the wilderness of rural Kentucky.


Holland has been involved in many different musical projects over the years. Not all of them are art-noise related but all of them share in common a distinct "fuck the audience" attitude, taking relish in challenging audience expectations and comfort zone (often with subversive subtlety, however, and not in a typical shock-value manner.) Bands include Cheeseburger & Fries, The Kentuckians, The Appalachian Voodoo Ensemble, The JSH Combo, Industry Standards and Formula LX-321, but the majority of his art-noise-ambient-experimental recordings are done simply under his own name.


As founder of the low-budget low-fidelity Creeps Records label, Holland has produced and distributed acts such as Grillo the Clown, Retrovirus & Opportunistic Infection, Cadaver in Drag, Sexton Ming, The Jackson County Alcoholics, The Smacks! and Hasil Adkins.


According to an interview in the defunct A Discordian Directory zine, Holland cites among his influences: Hafler Trio, Christian Marclay, Asmus Tietchens, Gerald V. Casale, The Haters, The Mummies, Billy Childish, William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, and Jerry Lee Lewis.


When performing art-noise related material in a live venue, whatever way is most contrarian will be the direction Holland follows. "If I sense that the crowd wants a loud raucous abrasive show, then I perform quiet chill music. I prefer to reserve my most intense sounds for those who have no frame of reference for how to cope with them."

Holland has performed fully live with a full band, alone with guitar and/or synth, alone with laptop, and even alone with a record player - at a show in Cincinnati that was supposed to have been a JSH Combo gig, Holland showed up alone with a 1960's record player and three crates of old LPs, 45s and 78s in terrible, whipped, skippy condition. Holland proceeded to sit onstage and play the distorted old records for the crowd all evening.

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