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2001 Kakawaka begins making noise and releasing it on his website

2002 Move from Goettingen to Berlin

2003 First CDr release

2005 First live performance

2006 Begin of one-year stay in Tokyo

2007 Formation of Droise with fellow noisician 23N! and drummer Yosei

2007 Return to Berlin


Concerts with: Nakahara Masaya (Violent Onsen Geisha, Hair Stylistics), Hiroshi Hasegawa (C.C.C.C., ASTRO), Boris Monopolskij, FCKN' BSTRDS, Smell&Quim, Sudden Infant, Government Alpha, Guilty Connector, Dave Phillips, Evil Moisture, Ovo, Antoine Chessex and many others.


Releases: Solo release ‘Rocknroll!’ (CDr, Copyleftrecords: 2003), Contribution to ‘Art Fart Noise Boys Playing With Funny Sound Toys’ Compilation. (CDr, C+H Productions: 2003), Contribution to ‘Masters Of The Ungentlemanly Art: Grapple With Inertia Systems’ Multi-collaborative release put together by Zan Hoffman. With: Haters, Brekakakexkoaxkoax, Staplerfahrer (CDr, ZH27: 2004), Solo release ‘KAssetteKAssetteWAssetteKAssette’ (Tape, Monopolka: 2005), Solo release ‘Computerpunk’ (CDr/MP3, C+H Productions: 2005), Solo release ‘Atcashatpa’ (CDr/MP3, C+H Productions: 2005), Contribution to ‘Monopolka 356-0-356’, Phoneline noise series. (CDr, Monopolka: 2005), Contribution to ‘We Don’t Need No NXFXTXEX’ Compilation of remixed NXFXTXEX tracks. (CDr, Legion Sudan: 2005), Contribution to ‘Browsers In Arms’, Compilation put together by Cyrill Duneau. (Ogg, Roilnoise: 2006), Contribution to ‘No Noise Is Good Noise’ Compilation. (CD, Noisemachine: 2006), Split with Bonheads vs. Hot dogs. (CDr, Morbo Sounds: 2007)

All solo material is released on Kakawaka's website: [1].