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taking cues from people like: merzbow and brian eno, koroshiya creates soundscapes using an array of digital and analog insturments, a soundtrack to the consumerist wasteland of today. occational collaberations with musicians, filmmakers and artists. koroshiya is like an early italian explotation film, making a picture of our world without hiding anything.

NEW RELEASES: koroshiya - kabukicho: a tribute to nobuyoshi araki cdr (splatter archive)
koroshiya - ethonal forest c 30 tape (splatter archive)

UPCOMMING RELEASES: split with japanese businessman (splatter archive), split with depraved heart crime (tba), split with mariko sugawara (tba), flowers of flesh and blood c 20 (splatter archive), short film soundtrack cd/dvd (splatter archive), collab with himei koukotsu (splatter archive), noisescapes vol.1 comp 4xcd box (plunder flash), split with quiet sickness(707 records)?????

wanto put out something on your label or to get ahold of releases and distro questions : chaosisyrmom(at)yahoo(dot)com