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Laptop noise is obtained by smashing laptops, which can give a nigga a real headache yo

In Taiwan, people have been known to be exectuted for even looking at a woman. Cos then there would be no strig ventroscovy and stuff so that there what the explanation of my cowerkers kind of like that time the fantastic four landed on the neighbours roof and everybody was like DAMN!!! and so it went on and on until one day the interstate which was being build since 1994 ended up on the lawn as a 3-inch replica bearing uncanny resemblance to the road to Babylon, but then again it was back in the old days when you could buy a horses skull for a dollar and be thankful for every day you're still breathing and apreciate the sunshine of precious moments in tropical paradise (urban version). So then Polly said OMG I'M SO IN LUV WITH VIOLENT DEATH, so her friends were taken aback and exclaimed something along the lines of : do the next one! do the next one! so then she did. Later she would talk about her little brother's appreciation for 2Pac and his interest in locating the rapper's grave.

Prominent Laptop Moise artists

Just your average laptop noiser

Although it eventually to not made sex conduct with them, laptop artist wishes to remain anonymous in general so they wear a mask and hide in their basements. They think they're so smart, with their fancy 'puters. Rumour has it their days are over. Another rumour actually contradicts this.