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incomplete discography

LS.025 Chefkirk Compare To Windex (File, MP3)
LS.032 Nightronics Cough Vampire (File, MP3)
LS.068 Mutant Ape Power Blood Clot (CDr)
LS.069 Various Noise Sux, Smash The State, Volume Six (File, MP3)
LS.070 Maim Mechanisms Of Control (CDr)
LS.100 Various Noise Sux, Smashing Hits, Volume Five (File, MP3)
LS.109 Various Noise Sux (Harsh Pop, Volume One) (CDr)
LS.194 Blakkfetus The Extreme Of The End Of The Spectrum Of Human Cruelty (CDr)
LS.220 Douglas Nine Schmerzhaft (CDr)
LS.231 Fever Spoor / Filthy Turd / NxFxTxEx Split (CDr)
LS.256 Various Noise Sux, Fuck You, Volume Two (CDr)
LS.279 Various Noise Sux, Extreme Extreme, Volume Three (CDr)
LS.339 Error (8) Untitled (CDr, Ltd)
LS.424 Deadhorseyfuck Bamses Allervaersteste (File, MP3)
LS.433 Noiseman433 In Memoriam John Cage (CDr)
LS.515 Werewolf Jerusalem God Has Shot Himself (CDr)
LS.627 Dya Myagkiy O (CDr)
LS.712 Various Noise Sux, Hot Sluts, Volume Four (File, MP3)
LS.764 Prafix Aztech Your Passion! Is My Fashion! (CDr)
LS.859 Fecalove It's A Scene In A Helicopter (LNFU Remix) (CDr)
LS.860 Prafix Aztech LNFU Remix (CDr)
LS.861 Damno Te LNFU M3 (Fuck The Floor Mix) (File, MP3)