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Angry as hell straight edge harsh-noise outta the mighty Karelia, which is lost somewhere between Finland and Russia. Inspired by the beauty and harmony of northern nature, keeping punk and metal ideas real. Thunderstorm of damnations, clash’n’clank of metal and stunning horn of death. Bloody immortal noise for nihilists. This married couple now live in Poland.



"S/t" CD-R (2007), Kovoroxsound

"Human Waste" MC (2008), Rokot

"Burning Kukkovka's Cock" MC (2008), Triangle

"Decay And Demoralization" CD (2010), Mind Flare Media

"Sampo Distortion" CD (2010), 24919 Records


With TORTURING NURSE CD-R (2007), Triangle

With OUT OF FOCUS "Blood And Shit" MC (2008), Triangle

With GUILTY CONNECTOR MC (2010), Triangle, XVP, Chaosynod


With CISFINITUM "Drone" CD-R / MC (2008), Triangle

With XVP "Ważka / Стрекоза" MC (2009), XV Parówek

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