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Moment Trigger is a 2-piece experimental noise/psych/thrash band from Los Angeles, CA. Founding members Chris Lazard and Tierra Williams formed Moment Trigger in Newhall, CA in early 2005. At this time, Moment Trigger performed almost exclusively at Cal Arts, then expanded to underground “show-spaces” such as Il Corral, The Smell and Women Of Crenshaw. No simple description could categorize Moment Trigger’s sound, as the compositions vary from album to album/song to song. Early recordings could be described as Harsh Noise, reminiscent of Japanoise of the late 80’s/early 90’s. More recent recordings have elements of early industrial, extreme psych, doom, and thrash. In addition to Lazard’s guitar instrumentation and Williams on micromoog, Moment Trigger’s use of one-of-a-kind instruments complicate concrete description. Such home-built/DIY instruments include Slinktar, Modified Dream Machine, active filter for guitar, 3 osc synthesizer, and square wave generator (to name a few). They have toured the western US, performing at SXSW, Spring Reverb Festival, Turn The Screws Festival, Brainbombs Festival and many special arrangements along thecoast.


Chris Lazard and Tierra Williams


guitar, micromoog, Slinktar, Modified Dream Machine, 3 osc synthesizer, square wave generator


Audio Maps For The Blind (Cass, C18) Mt 2007
Burl (Cass, Ltd, C20) Alienated Hominid Recordings 2007
Permeable Palms (Cass, Ltd) I Just Live Here 2007
Polluted Wave (CDr, Mini) Hate State 2007
Appears On:
Norcal Noisefest Eleven (XI): Visual Documentation (DVD) NorCal NoiseFest 2008