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Mammal Sauce is an American Comedy Noisegrind band from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Their music encompasses Avant-Garde, Noisecore, Grindcore, Harsh Noise, Noise, and comedic elements you would find with bands such as Anal Cunt (AxCx).

Mammal Sauce's Music is usually completely improvised, including guitar, trumpet noise, vocals, and improvised instruments such as plastic bags, blowing into bottles, clinking glass, and many other miscellaneous methods of making noise. The vocals consist of high pitched inhales known as "Raptor Squeals", gritty gurgles called "Sewer Gurgles", various shrieks, inhales, yells, growls, and black metal style highs. Their usual song length is an average of 50 seconds.


Mammal Sauce was a concept as early as 2007, when Daniel Gorman and Jake Bintner made talks of starting a comedy grind band in high school. They both worshiped bands such as Anal Cunt, Naked City, Intestinal Disgorge, and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. These concepts did not come to fruition until 2011, however, when the band released (a now redacted) demo titled "Dyiads, Frands, and Fucking Your Dog". They would redact this demo, and later release their first album, titled "BEING FUCKING OFFENSIVE". This band tries to be as offensive as possible, while trying to maintain a large level of comedy throughout it's albums. The comedic element is extremely apparent in their song titles.

In 2012, Daniel "Guttermonster" Gorman left the band due to a strained relationship between himself and Jake "Shitner" Bintner, this was due to personal disagreements on life choices. In his place, Sean "BearJew" Steinberg, and Travis "Wehrmacht" Ware took to the spotlight to fill in as session members. After recording about half of an album's worth of material, the band took a large hiatus, lasting for 2 years.

In 2014, Jake Bintner, and Daniel Gorman reunited alongside session member Sean Steinberg, to put out a new song titled "I'd Rather Get AIDS Than Listen To Asking Alexandria". After this song, it would be another year before the band would put out anymore material.

In spring of 2015, it was announced that Mammal Sauce was working on a new album, titled Mammals As Leaders. This album would be the collective work of all session members and full time members between 2012 and 2015. Mammals As Leaders was released in September of 2015. The band now shows much higher commitment to putting out material, and as of December 2015, have released a new split with Noisecore band Sword Suicide.

The band has announced it is working on a Christmas EP due out before the end of the year, a split with Goregrind band Cum Book for early 2016, and a new full length to be made up of at least 50 super short songs.

Notes of Interest

  • Mammal Sauce is always recorded with beer or liquor. It is simply not possible unless the band members are drinking.
  • Mammal Sauce likes to be as offensive as possible when announcing things, often telling it's fan's to "drink bleach", or "eat lead paint chips".


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