Moldy Ghetto

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Moldy Ghetto
Genre: Noise Rock
Theme: "Culture where there is none"
Years: 1993 — 1996 / 2016 — 2018
Country: North America
City: Southern California
Labels: Hot Damn! Tapes, Completely Gone Recordings
Gears: Amps, Bass, Drums, Effects, Electronics, Guitars, Recording Equipment, Tapes, Voice
Members: Josh McCurdy, Jeff Hassett, Tim Whiteford
Side Projects: Completely Gone Recordings, hCrink, Hot Damn! Tapes, Kosmik Leprechaun, Rusty-Like, VL
Contact: [1] Contact MG at Bandcamp
Site: [2] Moldy Ghetto at Bandcamp
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Moldy Ghetto was a Southern California-based experimental, lo-fi, indie, noise-rock group formed by singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Josh McCurdy (aka Kosmik Leprechaun),drummer Tim Whiteford and bassist Jeff Hassett (aka hCrink) while the three were in high school. It was McCurdy's 2nd fronted group, following his 1st project, the indie-grind duo VL. The original MG line-up was active from 1993 — 1996, publishing a number of 4-track demo tapes, via McCurdy's early early label, Hot Damn! Tapes (later known as Completely Gone Recordings).

A good portion of Moldy Ghetto's live shows were highly impromptu, with numerous gigs happening mere hours after acquiring them. Some of these gigs gained a respectable audience, while other's had absolutely no one in attendance. By 1995, McCurdy and Hassett started working with singer, songwriter Deny Samoree as his rhythm section, forming the trio Rusty-Like. They subsequently opened for Moldy Ghetto at their shows, with McCurdy performing double duties on drums with Rusty-Like, and then on vocals / guitar with Moldy Ghetto. Early on, Moldy Ghetto had energy and was cacophonous and silly. Later, the group shed it's humor and noisy ways, testing a sound that was more radio-friendly than noise rock, resulting in massive boredom for everyone.

Jaded, the members of both groups went their separate ways in 1996. McCurdy started recording as Kosmik Leprechaun, while Hassett became hCrink. They didn't perform together again, until a brief spate of gigs and recording sessions as Rusty-Like, during 2003 — 2004. Those sessions became demos for Rusty-Like's 2005 "Pirouette" CD. Since 2007, all surviving Moldy Ghetto (and Rusty-Like) material has been remastered and re-published, in digital format, by Completely Gone Recordings. In 2016, McCurdy reunited on guitar and electronics with original Moldy Ghetto drummer Whiteford, recording new material, some of which was released on Kosmik Leprechaun's 2018 album, "Addendum".

Original Members

Josh McCurdy: Artist, Bass, Drums, Electronics, Engineer, Guitars, Keyboards, Photography, Producer, Vocals (1993 — 1996 / 2016 — 2018)
Jeff Hassett: Artist, Bass, Drums, Engineer, Guitars, Keyboards, Tapes, Vocals (1994 — 1996)
Tim Whiteford: Drums (1993 — 1995 / 2016 — 2018)

Additional Musicians

Anne Hassett: Artist, Drums, Photography, Vocals (Rehearsal & Live) (1994-1995)
Heather Dough: Viola (Rehearsal) (1995)
Dan Seida: Drums (Rehearsal) (1995)
Rob Rizzo: Drums (Rehearsal) (1995)
Deny Samoree: Backup Vocals, Guitar (Rehearsal) (1995)
Mike Foster: Drums (Rehearsal & Live) (1995-1996)
Jane Dough: Drums (Rehearsal) (1996)


  • Demos ~ 30 min. Cassette (1993)
  • Live at Totally Coffee EP ~ 15 min. Cassette (1994)
  • Lavender Disaster ~ 45 min. Cassette (1995)
  • 4-Track Demos ~ 60 min. Cassette (1996)
  • Live At The Whisky A Go Go ~ 25 min. Video (1996)
  • Free Sessions EP ~ 15 min. Cassette (1996)
  • The Giving Tree EP ~ 30 min. Cassette (1996)
  • Lavender Disaster (Deluxe) ~ Digital reissue of all surviving material (2007)


Compilation Appearences

  • Punk-A-Rhea ~ 60 min. Cassette (1995) – provided the "Live at Totally Coffee EP"
  • Kosmik Leprechaun "Addendum" ~ Digital release (2018) – provided cover of "Ex-Chest" by Slug

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"Lavender Disaster (Deluxe)" Album