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Long-term psychotic, cathartic household object noiser Nigel Joseph plays adapted guitar, effects, household reed instruments & kids' toys. He has played live many times: in Blackpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Limerick & Sheffield.

He is lead guitarist in Blackpool spacenoisedronerock band Heffalump Trap & in the Ambulance Chasers and has appeared on many Ceramic Hobs recordings. He was solo on the “RRR-500” compilation LP and contributed to the Animal Fanny CD with Ceramic Hobs & Fiend Records folk & the "Radio Largashire" tape collaboraion with Simon Morris & Monopolka. He is also a member of Paraquat Drinkers & previously put out Nervous Breakdown zine. He has put out many low-key tapes & CDRs for labels such as Face Like A Smacked Arse, Scum & MHW, as well as on his own untitled label & an appearance on the Pumf Records “Godspunk 3” compilation CD with Kate Fear from the Hobs. Bypassing language, going straight to the amigdyla, available for trades from

He is a dichotomised & self-abnegating bike doctor & Fenian.

Influences: Dandelion Adventure, Whitehouse, Cock ESP, Irish music, blues...

Live Videos: