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He tried to pioneer noise-hop in Australia but was already beaten by Suicidal Rap Orgy.

Now defunct and goes by new names and other aliases hidden in a shadow and IP address.


  • Split with Klaptrap - "Retrospective I" (floppy, Gluehead, 2007)
  • Pokégods - 5-way split (mp3, Glitch City, 2007)
  • Revisiting Retro Metal I - 3-way split (mp3, Glitch City, 2007)
  • Untitled split with Kamikaze Deadboy (mp3, Glitch City, 2008)
  • Loud Tangled Perspectives (floppy, Limp Diskette, 2008)
  • The Death of NOWINGUS (mp3, no label, 2009)