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"One of the only all-female noise groups in the country" - Vital Source, Milwaukee

Nummy is sixteen year old Ella, the youngest performing female noise artist in Milwaukee County, and possibly Wisconsin. Some shows she has played include the 2007 Bro-B-Q, 2007 Let It Bleed Festival, and the 2007 Milwaukee Noise Festival.

Nummy has played shows with: Rex Winsome Sonic Typewriter Slow Owls Captivity Reptile Worship Druids of Huge Raperies (Like Draperies) J+J+J Dites Donc (2) Samwell John Muther Far Rad Burdizzo Chic Bonz Xylophone Handjobs for Hobos Octagon Island Joann Riedl

Nummy Myspace Page

Video of First Nummy Performance

Download Video of Second Nummy Performance

open the door charlie!