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Nequam Sonitus is a performance noise act currently active in Tampa, Florida. The identity of the members remains unknown. Originally a studio act which released albums sporadically to the internet, the band has recently developed a live visual/audio performance. The few documented performances of Nequam Sonitus describe an unknown humanoid creature made of flesh and steel which has an unexplained symbiotic bond with audio equipment, causing the sounds that it makes to be amplified by nearby speakers. It appears to sustain itself on sound waves, seeming to require or desire a great variety of harsh noises. Upon its release, it seeks out any objects or surfaces that make unique or loud noise when scratched, beaten, or otherwise acted upon aggressively. The creature does not appear to be deliberately dangerous, although it is recommended that viewers keep a distance to avoid the risk of collateral injury. The second member of the act remains in the back during the performance, and doesn't reveal their identity when spoken to.


These performances are most often seen at events put on by The Pangaea Project.

Nequam Sonitus has also participated in T̬̾ͯh̍͆̐̇e̫̊̎̓ͦ̎_R̪̩̓ͬ̓͐͒u̸̗̪̱̦̹ͧ̐̒ͪ̚s̃t̟̖͉_Pͤ̀̑un̉̊̓͆k_T͓̜͍̠͇r̙̺i̹b͉̺̰̟̥̤e


Documented Sightings

Sighting of Nequam Sonitus Grinding it's face
Sighting of Nequam Sonitus at The International Noise Conference in Miami