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Real Name: Kyle Nonneman

Kyle Nonneman (left) wears a suicide smock, mesh bag over his head and chains and cuffs at his sentencing hearing Monday because of his behavior in custody. Judge Eric Bergstrom sentenced him to 12 1/2 years in prison as part of a plea deal, forged by defense attorney Jon Martz (right) and the prosecution.

A Northwest Portland man who forced an ex-girlfriend to drink his urine and sexually tortured another woman he'd just met was sentenced Monday to 12 1/2 years in prison.

Kyle Gregory Nonneman, 28, chose his victims carefully, investigators said. Both women were drug users and had a history of mental health problems, they said.

“He picked the type of victims who were not apt to go to police,” said prosecutor Don Rees.

Police learned about what he did to his ex-girlfriend only after Nonneman and the second woman walked into Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center in March 2012. The woman told a nurse that she had a bladder infection, but it was clear she needed medical attention because she’d been beaten. Once Nonneman was separated from her, she told medical staff that Nonneman had beaten and sexually abused her over the course of 12 days, Rees said.

The woman originally had gone to Nonneman’s Old Town apartment because of their mutual interest in drugs, Rees said.

But the woman told police he’d made her watch videos of rape, decapitation and torture -- telling her that would happen to her if she didn’t do what he said. Police searched Nonneman’s computer and found those videos as well as a video of Nonneman forcing an ex-girlfriend to drink his urine in 2009. Police tracked down the ex-girlfriend and interviewed her.

Nonneman was charged with a list of crimes, including first-degree sodomy, first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping and coercion.

He claimed the woman last year willingly participated in S&M sex.

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office He claimed the woman last year willingly participated in S&M sex.

He told authorities in a letter that he has an “inability to control my anger” and that he tried to get the woman to leave his apartment because he didn’t want to hurt her.

“I’m scared of myself sometimes,” he wrote.

Nonneman has a violent history in Multnomah County jail, too. On Monday, he walked into a Multnomah County Circuit Court room barefoot and wearing a suicide smock. He also wore a mesh bag over his head, to prevent him from spitting on others. Blood trickled out of his nose.

Earlier that morning, corrections deputies say he’d bitten a deputy.

Nonneman pleaded no contest to attempted second-degree assault, first-degree sodomy and aggravated harassment. The last charge was for spitting on a corrections deputy in October 2012. The judge found him guilty of violating his probation for also spitting on another corrections deputy in July 2011.

Nonneman will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Defense attorney Jon Martz said he hoped Nonneman would “learn from this experience and move on. ...He’s actually a very bright man.”

A 20-year-old Portland man has been arrested and charged with mail and bank fraud in connection with a bomb hoax at Portland International Airport last month, authorities said Wednesday.

Kyle Gregory Nonneman was arrested Tuesday evening. He is accused of calling in an anonymous false warning to an airport security firm that a man about to board a flight from Portland to Alaska on Jan. 4 had a bomb in his laptop computer, said David Atkinson, assistant U.S. district attorney.

A multiagency search for Tate Chesley of Alaska began shortly after noon Jan. 4, according to court documents filed Friday. Authorities spotted Chesley surfing the Internet on his Dell laptop about 5 p.m. near gate C13 as he waited for his 9:30 flight home, the documents said. No bomb or explosive material was found in the laptop, and airport operations were not significantly disrupted, Atkinson said.

Chesley had flown from Anchorage to Portland earlier that morning to recover the laptop he had sold to Nonneman on eBay, court documents said. Nonneman won an auction for the computer Dec. 19 with a winning bid of $2,300, the documents said. Chesley received a check from Nonneman and shipped him the computer Dec. 20.

The check was returned unpaid Dec. 30 with a notification from Chesley's credit union that the check had come from a closed account, court documents said. During the next five days, Chesley contacted Nonneman numerous times asking to get back either his money or the computer. Nonneman repeatedly refused, documents said.

Chesley used a friend's frequent flier miles to travel to Portland on Jan. 4 and took a taxi to Nonneman's Southeast Portland apartment, documents said. Nonneman initially protested when Chesley asked for his laptop but eventually handed it over, documents said. Chesley then returned to the airport .

Nonneman had opened several bank accounts nationwide and was likely engaged in a continuing scheme to create and issue forged and fraudulent checks, according to court records.

Nonneman is accused of violating a federal anti-hoaxing provision of last year's terrorism prevention act that became effective Dec. 17, Atkinson said. If convicted, he could face a maximum five-year prison sentence, $250,000 fine and mandatory reimbursement to state and local governments for their expenses in the case. The charges of mail and bank fraud combined carry a maximum 50-year prison sentence and $1.25 million fine.


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Kyle is currently in jail until 2024