Nxfxtxex "Suck it"

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I don't pay my bills.

never. '

i REFUSE to.... never have, never will---


(never had a job either, but that's another story)

and i havn't done anything proper (artistically) lately.. so i present to you:


by nxftfxtfeftxftex

a shitty broken CD (CD, not CD-r) inside a actual bill that nxftcfxtfefxxexex won't pay.. .if you're lucky you get one with a stamp with THE POLICE or STATE OF DENMARK or LIBRARY OF AARHUS (yes, i steal books and cd's)). also annoying letters from this and that...

limited to the amount of cd's i don't listen to anymore. (if it turns out to be a success, i'm glad to shit in a stupid bill and forward it to you!Ž·........ if u want it.

i'm not paying.


get it now while it's hot.. FREE!!!

trades are cool..

Very Happy

get in touch at legionsudan@gmail.com