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Harsh Noise from Belgium started in 2005.

Complete discography

- s/t cd-r

- Split cd-r with D.A.B.K.

- Songs from the Shed c20 Tape (Smell The Stench)

- Split c20 tape with Infected Fungus

- Split cd-r with Worms of the Aftermath (Spook Warfare Records ---- A4 covers in plastic sleeve)

- Split c20 tape with Ekunhaashaastaack / NxFxTxEx / Romprai Etron

- The Pleasure of Noise in the Morning c20 Tape (20 minutes of wake up noise that will make your day!)

- Split cd-r "Slut Molester" with Slut Kull (412 Recordings)

- Split cd-r with Moose vs Car

- Split with Granuloma Inguinale (Shedcore Recordings)

- Split cd-r with Xingu (Undergrind Productions)

- Split cd-r with Devolutionary Chain / NxFxTxEx (Legion Sudan ---- Download)

- Split cd-r with Torturing Nurse (Underground Pollution)

- Split cd-r with Obie One Knobie (Rot Riool/Kwark)

- Party Time with Pig Molester cd-r (Smell The Stench)

- Touching Pignipples Never Felt so Nice (Smell The Stench Netlabel ---- Download)

- Split tape with Fecalove / N.D.E.K / Ecoute la Merde (Ars Funebris)

- Split cd-r with Selymes Viragszirom (Smell The Stench ---- Review)

- Split tape wih Maggotribe (Smell The Stench)

- Slaughterhouse of Hate (Maggote Meat Shoppe Net Label ---- Download)


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