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Programmed Cell Death is a Virginia-based experimental noise band that was formed in June 2014. To date, they have recorded and self-released over 15 albums worth of material.
The lineup is typically Will Thornton and Paul Keily, but occasionally other people who play other instruments have joined in.
Their approach to music is organic, just setting up electronic noise generation equipment and letting things run as the recorder runs.


Commonly used instruments include an array of noise synthesizers, regular keyboard synthesizers, guitars, bass, drum machine, drum, and recorder


Releases, as of July 2015, in chronological order, are as follows:
Devonian Toadian
The American Diet Has Always Been Hell On The Colon
Our Little Alfred
Chronically Anesthetized
Heavy Metal Alien Babes
X = The Amount of Atoms In Your Body
I Began Worshipping Hank Hill
Explosive Appliance
Ghost Galaxy (featuring John Wooten on bass guitar)
π Day Attic Sessions (featuring Stephen Hennessy on guitar)
The Reeds
Abraham Lincoln's Crotch Lock
Robotic Shaman (featuring Chase Gilbert on drum)
Dreams Are Visions Of Parallel Universes
Generally Recognized As Safe
Satanic Computer Virus (featuring John Wooten on bass guitar


The Bandcamp for Octopi(e) Records, the netlable under which Programmed Cell Death releases their material, can be found here: Octopi(e) Records Also, Programmed Cell Death is on Facebook at Programmed Cell Death On Facebook