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Raven is harsh noise act operated by Djordje Miladinović, based in Čačak, Serbia. Raven is recognizable by anarchist, vegan, eco friendly, anti-war and anti-authoritarian themes, mostly visible on the cover artworks. Beside Raven, Djordje is active as activist for human and animal rights, eco activist, writer for several political and music blogs, visual artist and lead singer for bands such as Democratic Terror, Zer00ne and Istrulity.



Album Year Label
The Earth Dies Screaming 2011 Depressive Illusions Records
Killing Fields 2011 Rauha Turva Records
Ecologikill 2011 Ikebukuro Dada Records
Humanity Is The Devil 2011 Humanity Is The Devil
Close Minded Theological Practice Of The Apathetic Generation 2012 Darker Days Ahead Records
Victims 2012 Worthless Recordings
Animal Liberation 2012 Depressive Illusions Records
Atomic Garden 2012 Centipede Farm Records
Killingpoint 2012 Rauha Turva Records
A Disease Called Man 2012 Lava Church Records
Silence 2012 Palemoon Productions
Anima Mundi 2012 Placenta Recordings
Witch Hunt 2012 Parkbench Records
Myth Of Progress 2012 Diskette Etikette Records
State Of Fear 2012 Forever Escaping Boredom Records
Pictures From Vacation 2012 Vomit Bucket Productions
A Comprehensive Guide To Dismantling Weapons Of Mass Destruction 2012 Co-Release
In The Shadows Of The Gallows 2013 Lava Church Records
Extinction 2013 Diazepam Records
At The Mercy Of Imbeciles 2013 Red_venice_records
Architects Of A Dying World 2013 Personal Archives Records
Black Star Rising 2013 Red_venice_records
Society Deserve A Life In Hell 2013 Le Crepsule Du Soir Records
Benefits Of War 2013 Shit Noise Records
Give Blood For Oil 2013 Centipede Farm Records
In The Name Of Progress...Millions Will Starve 2013 The Lows And Highs Records
Recycled 2013 RRRecords
Let It Burn 2013 Parkbench Records
Kakistocracy 2013 Teen Action Records
The Curse 2013 Blackseed Records
Louder Than Bombs 2013 Tolmie Terrapin Press
Slow Motion Riot 2013 Autistic Campaign
Life Less Frightening 2013 Sluggisha Tapes
Worst Case Scenario 2013 Aschefruehling Records
Rabid Panic 2013 Aschefruehling Records
First In The Line To Bite The Hand That Feeds The Poor 2013 Torga Amun Records
Live At Panic Room Zica 2013 Dorei Records
Hadron Collider 2013 Floppy Kick Records
Cruel Hands 2013 Palemoon Productions
Sweating Blood 2013 Blackseed Records
Global Parasite 2013 Underground Pollution Records
Equilibrium 2013 Color Triangle Records
Metamorphosis 2014 Cruel Nature Records
Violent Society 2014 Guts Tapes
Darkest Days 2014 Red Light Sound Productions
Inhuman Conditions 2014 Diazepam Records
Torture Device 2014 8Eminis Records
Obedient 2014 Galactic Intolerance Records
Damnation 2015 Cuboid Slab Records
Under The Radar 2015 John's Noise Records
Warganism 2015 Angst Records
Kill The King 2015 Confusion Specialist Records
Demoncracy 2015 Cvlminis Records
Idiot's Parade 2015 Confusion Specialist Records
Sonic Defiance 2015 Cvlminis Records
Toxic Shock 2015 Cvlminis Records
Run For Cover 2015 Cvlminis Records
The Cult Of Raven 2016 Librarion Records
Chaos Is The Score Upon Which Reality Is Written 2016 Endless Landscapes Of Decay Records
Violence Begins With A Fork 2016 Craneal Fracture Records
Hopeless 2016 Palinopsia Records
Beneath The Ruins 2016 Confusion Specialist Records
War Is Not The Answer 2016 Debila Records
Question Still Remain 2016 Cvlminis Records
Imitation Of Life 2016 Cvlminis Records
Fractures 2016 Cvlminis Records
Faceless 2016 Cvlminis Records
Enslavement 2016 Cvlminis Records
Starvation 2016 Atomic Garden Records
Horrors Of Reality 2016 Jesboligakurac Records
Skeletons Imprisoned In Stones 2016 Personal Archives Records
Neoliberal Dictatorship 2016 Grey Matter Records
Sorrow 2016 Krach Macht Frei Records
Ground Zero 2016 Krach Macht Frei Records
Negative Mass 2016 Analog Cowboy Records
Black Tape 2016 Color Triangle Records
Autoportrait Of Modern Times 2016 Atomic Garden Records
Freedom Of Speech Does Not Exist 2016 Atomic Garden Records
Mask 2017 Harsh Noise Movement
Freedom Has A Price 2017 Human Cross Records
Raining Napalm 2017 Omnious Recordings
Shifting Poles 2017 Harsh Noise London
Under The Burning Sky Of Future Events 2017 Earthwalker Recordings
Downfall Of A Modern Man 2017 Nailbat Tapes
No Light At The End Of The Tunnel 2017 Eerie Noise Records
Life In Ruins 2018 Inner Demons Records
Relentless Atrocities 2018 Non-Waste Productions
No Justice 2018 Analog Cowboy Records
The Holiday Has Been Canceled 2018 Freak Friendly DIY


Album Year Label
Raven / NxFxTxEx 2011 Knife In The Toaster Records
Raven / Authority 2012 Oktomedia Records
Raven / Buildings And Mountains / Amy Weinrausch /Sleep Column 2012 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Impulsive Habitat / Mince Splatters 2012 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Torba / Problem Anderer Leute / To-Bo 2012 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Kolaps Systému 2012 AKS Records
Raven / Mince Splatters / Kaelteeinbruch / Quasiforma 2012 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Caelicus Pugna / RedSk /To-Bo 2012 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Kaelteeinbruch 2012 Shit Noise Records
Raven / BBJr 2013 Personal Archives Records
Raven / Dead Body Collection 2013 Forever Escaping Boredom Records
Raven / Compactor 2013 Cynicdose Records
Raven / Agression Sonore / NRYY / Amy Weinrausch 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / OS125 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Der Domerstizierte Mensch / Amy Weinrausch / Death Frees Every Soul 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Septic Incubation / Amy Weinrausch / She Destroys Hope 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Koobaatoo Asparagus 2013 No Skinny Jeans Records
Raven / Scissor 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Vasectomy Party 2013 Forever Escaping Boredom Records
Raven / Kodreanu 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / To_the_lovers,_farewell 2013 Red_venice_records
Raven / Herrlichkeit 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Ratte 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Geenimuuntelun 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / L'eclipse Nue 2013 Dorei Records
Raven / K2 - 2013 Personal Archives Records
Raven / Der Domestizierte Mensch 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Meinkinder 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Third I 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Otomo Hava / Headcleaner / Henry C. Rial 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Phantasm Nocturnes 2013 Shit Noise Records
Raven / Wormhead 2013 Puzzle Records


Album Year Label
Raven / Xtematic 2012 Rauha Turva Records
Raven / Emil Beaulieau 2013 Forever Escaping Boredom Records
Raven / Third I 2013 Human Cross Records


Album Year Label
Databending Vol.2 2011 /
Crime Scene: Within Movement 2012 Crime Scene Records
Feline Fury 2012 Shit Music For Shit People Records
Doomsday 2012 Inteligent Machinery
Necktar Vol.4 2012 Necktar Collective
Crime Scene Records Vol.13 2012 Crime Scene Records
NOISE Community: The Otherness 2012 NOISE Community
Shit Noise Vol.19 2012 Shit Noise Records
Underground X-treme Vol.6 2012 Shit Noise Records
Industrial Sabotage 2012 Cyberfarts Records
Compilation Against Censorshit 2012 DIY Noise
Underground X-Treme Vol.23 2012 Shit Noise Records
Volume As An Independent Musical Construct 2012 Welcome To The 21st Century Records
Underground Alliance Trilogy Part 3 2012 Undergroun Alliance Records
Shit Noise Vol.24 2012 Shit Noise Records
Wall Noise Action Vol.3 2012 Wall Noise Action Records
The Shuffle Project Vol.1 2013 Puzzle Records
Necktar Vol.5 2013 Necktar Collective
Lava Church Mixtape Vol.2 2013 Lava Church Records
Be Quick Or Be Dead Vol.1 2013 Deadtones Records
Be Quick Or Be Dead Vol.2 2013 Deadtones Records
Balkan Under The Radar: The Invisible Scene 2013 Black Planet Records
Be Quick Or Be Dead Vol.3 2013 Deadtones Records
Be Quick Or Be Dead Vol.4 2013 Deadtones Records