RIP "Thin E" String

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RIP Thin E String - album cover.png
Artist(s): Dr. Failure
Title: RIP "Thin E" String
Recorded: September 14, 2017
Released: September 15, 2017
Genre: Noise Rock
Type: Extended Play
Label: Independent
Format: Files - MP3
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RIP Thin E String was recorded a day before it's release. It was Dr. Failure's fourth improvisational guitar jam release. It's called "RIP Thin E String" because in [insert track here], the thin E string popped, or the "top E" string, as real guitarists would refer to it as, or the 6th string counting from the top to bottom of the guitar neck. Of course, Dr. Failure is not a guitarist, just a dude who has a guitar and plays notes out, and doesn't know all the technical stuff, just the most basic of the basics.

Gear and Equipment

Dr. Failure used a cheap-ish Fender Stratocaster, a cheap guitar amp, and a Macbook for recording.


# Track Title Time
1 Seether (a Veruca Salt Cover of some sort) 02:41
2 Hell In A Nutshell 03:21
3 At 2:15 I dropped my pick for the Umpteenth Trillionth Time in a Row 05:03
4 Beware The Ides Of September 03:55
5 Wearing A Crown Of Worms While Watching Over White Washing Sheeple (Re-done) 00:49
6 Mitochondria Shutdown/Moist Vagina (Nirvana Cover) 03:16

Total Runtime: 19:05